Business Consultation

Consultation (minutes)

60 minute consultation

This for those who are thinking about growing there brand into retail.

In our 60 minute call we will discuss:


  • Your brand identity, including social media, website etc, and where you are currently in business.
  • Talk about your short term and long term goal & vision with your brand.
  • I will suggest both short term/long term strategies that will help put your brand in a marketable position to transition into retail.

120 minute call

We will discuss *All of the above*

In addition we will discuss how you can break into retail. This includes:

  • Local Retailers vs national retailers: The difference and how you can pitch to both, in order to get your products on the shelves.
  • Marketing techniques, product packaging and what companies look for, when you are breaking into retail.
  • Scaling up* what you can expect as your brand grows. 
  • How you can connect to buyers