Strawberry Vanilla with a slice of Cake Wax Snap Bar


Indulge your nose with this ah-mazing scent experience: Strawberry and Vanilla plus Cake is a sweetly sumptuous aroma you won't soon forget!

You're in for a treat! Our wax melt bars are lovingly poured by hand and made using simple ingredients - 100% natural coconut wax, eco-friendly glitter, veggie dye, ethically sourced mica pigments, and phthalate-free fragrance oils that make your nose super-happy.

How to use: Break off a square (or two) and throw it in your melter - whatever size room you're in, our Strawberry 'n' Vanilla Cake wax melt will tantalize your senses!

Made with Vegan Coconut wax

Net wt 5 oz.